Next Generation Point of Sale

Saasu POS was designed to work with Saasu so all the data that you entered in Saasu will be available in Saasu POS and all the data that you enter in Saasu POS will be saved into your Saasu online accounting file. If you love Saasu, you probably appreciate its ease of use, self-explaining actions, and easy-to-follow workflows. The same concepts apply to Saasu POS.

How it works

Saasu POS is designed to work seamlessly both online and offline.

If your internet connection is active, Saasu POS will immediately push the sales into Saasu as they are finalised.

If your internet connection is down, Saasu POS will save all the sales in its local database and wait for the internet connection to be restored. Then, once a valid internet connection is detected, Saasu POS will transparently upload all the latest sales to Saasu.

You can even stop the application, go home for the day with no internet connection, and continue the next day. Saasu POS will not miss sending one sale to Saasu.

Simple ordering

Barcode reading of products—for error-free data input.

Dynamic search for products by name/SKU with automatic filtering as you type.

One-key shortcuts for all common actions (quantities, discounts, order tendering, etc.).

Cash and EFTPOS payments logged in separate accounts in Saasu.

Product management

One Product-One Stock (both in Saasu and Saasu POS).

Automatic synchronisation of products items and stock with Saasu.

Simple barcoding procedure for products.

“Create new Product” option when scanning a new product.

Integrated user management

Create and manage users and permissions.

Track sales per users.

End-of-day (Close Cashier) procedure at end-of-day or shift change.

Backup and peace of mind

Full online backup of your data on secure servers.

Your financial data (transactions, products) saved in Saasu.

Your POS data (offers, users, barcodes) saved on Saasu POS servers.

Saasu POS never saves your financial information on your own servers.

Layouts that suit your business

POS supports customisable layouts for hospitality and retail applications.

  • Large fonts for all screen items
  • Colour-coded operations (green sales, red returns)
  • Visual highlights of special products and offers



Saasu POS is a free download than can be used with a Saasu Large plan for up to two terminals.


AUD$2,200 inc. GST

Toccare Touchscreen (PDF 365KB)
Printer—Epson TMT81
Cashdrawer—DigiPoS EC410
Onsite service—3 year, Mon–Fri, 9–5 next business day onsite warranty

Download hardware brochure (PDF 365KB) »


Operating system Windows XP
Screen resolutions Max 1024 x 768
Screen size 15" (high gloss only) or 22" diagonal TFT Active Matrix Panel (Touch Screen)
Register DigiPoS “Toccare” POS (PDF 365KB)
Printers Epson Thermal Printers Model TM-T81
Cashdrawers RJ6 12 volt compatible draw ejection.