Kasun Amarasinghe

Chief Technology Officer

Kasun Amarasinghe, CTO

Since joining Saasu in 2006, Kasun has been involved in all aspects of the business wearing multiple hats. From writing software as a full stack developer to leading an agile engineering team, while working as a solutions architect and a product manager at times, his strong mix of product and engineering skills has led him to take on the role of CTO at Saasu. A contextual thinker with a strong focus on innovation, Kasun ensures Saasu’s overall architecture and technology stack is continuously evolving in order to provide a scalable and solid platform for running high performing applications and services.

Kasun always tries to encourage and promote an innovative culture within the company. Kasun believes it is what sets Saasu apart from the rest, and has resulted in bringing a chain of original ideas to life in the online accounting space over the years.

Kasun has a Masters degree in Information Systems from Macquarie University and a Bachelor of Science in Computing from Swinburne University of Technology. Kasun is married and lives in Sydney with his wife and two adorable cocker spaniels.