Marc Lehmann


Marc Lehmann founded Saasu in 2000. The business matured from a side project while in investment banking to a full time business in 2006. Rather than take on any significant capital, Saasu is privately held and funded allowing it to invest surplus cash back into R&D and thus create value for its small business customers.

Marc’s ethos is that small businesses should use technology to automate. “You are what you haven’t automated”. He’s a minimalist at heart looking to simplify the customer experience. Marc enjoys building agile, lean and entrepreneurial development teams that consider themselves artisans of their coding craft. It’s how he’s enabled Saasu to punch way above it’s weight against large competitors.

Prior to Saasu, Marc was a Director of Principal Finance and Credit Trading Risk at Deutsche Bank. Marc acquired his early investment banking and financial markets trading experience as Vice President of Money Market Derivatives at Bankers Trust.

Recently Marc was awarded a Pearcey Award for innovation.

Marc lives in Sydney with his wife and 4 children.