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Breaking Through Your Operational Ceilings

An operational ceiling is the mountain of systems, procedures, habits and rituals that are cutting your efficiency and preventing your business from reaching new heights. It’s all the stuff that happens in business that’s not fully dedicated to creating, selling or marketing, i.e. the things causing sales and revenue. When […]

Saasu Gems to Make Accounting Easier

Working at Saasu gives us the unique opportunity to hear a lot about people’s business problems and show them how to use Saasu to create a better accounting workflow. For each unique set of challenges, Saasu has different ways to help you manage your finances faster and smarter. And often […]

Accounting 101

When you’re starting out your small business, it can be hard to make sense of the accounting side of things, specifically how to code transactions and how it all works. Even when you’re a veteran, you might rely on someone else to do this for you. But understanding a few […]

Goal Setting

Financial year end is coming up fast, and one of the best ways to get excited for the year ahead is to create a high-quality list of goals you’d like to accomplish. To help you with your new financial year resolutions, here is our list of ten steps for successful […]

Stay on Top of your Financials

Staying on top of your financials can seem like a lot of work, but it’s crucial for the vitality of your business… and life! Here at Saasu, we use Saasu as our own business system (it’s the best way to know what we need to build and improve), so I […]

How to Work Faster in Saasu

Working in a small business, you’re constantly being pulled in every direction. Every day you look for better ways to squeeze an extra few minutes of efficiency from your workflow. For me personally, this means finding quicker ways to do things so I can get more done, help more people […]