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Saasu has direct connections with some financial institutions and can receive transaction data sent directly from banking systems. These are the most reliable form of transaction feeds available. We have to pay bank fees to the banks in some cases to access your data, so Saasu has to cap the transactions we allow via this method. We are engaging with more banks to provide direct feeds and these will be announced as they become available.

Which financial institutions does Saasu have direct feeds with?

Does old data come in for a new file?

No old data comes in via the direct bank feed once connected. It starts coming in the day after the direct feed connection is completed.

Does old data come in if it’s already in my file from Yodlee?

It is possible to have a small overlap of data. Since the data feeds are two totally separate data feeds there is a small potential for duplicates in the change over period but a very small number, if any.

How do I move my feed to a different bank account in my file?

When you setup a direct feed, you can request a new account, or any existing account. If a direct has already been setup, it can be moved upon request, but requires manual intervention by the team.

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