Beta release: Sales and Purchases screens

Apologies for the delay. We got a little caught up by the budget with changes for taxes, jobkeeper, STP etc. and also new infrastructure we are building. The new Sales and Purchase screens are live in our Saasu online accounting app. Opt in to try these new screens by going to the Settings cog icon in the main menu and select Settings (for this file). Then scroll down to the bottom section called Sale/Purchase screen and select the version you want to be using for your file and click Save.

We are very excited to share these screens. After receiving your feedback and making final adjustments they will become the default version of Saasu in December 2020. Here are the main improvements:

  • Cleaner design that keeps everything above the bottom of the web browsers frame.
  • The design reduces the need to scroll significantly.
  • Easier Account Code search. Type electricity and you get any account with this word displayed.
  • Save, Cancel and Delete buttons are now above the bottom of your screen.
  • Improved Contact, Account and Tagging selection methods.
  • Improved load time of screens. Further improvements are expected after our entire infrastructure moves from Rackspace to Amazon Web Services (in Sydney) on 21st November 2020.
  • The new screen will feel different because it uses the React Framework (what Facebook uses) and Materials Design (what Google uses). Note that this doesn’t mean our screens will look like Facebook or Google. It has our own flavour.
  • The design adjusts to utilises the screen size you use. This facilitates tablets, mobile devices and large screens.
  • An example is that fields will scale automatically to allow for longer data. For example if you have a long description for an item the field will expand automatically so you see all the information instead of having to scroll within the field.
  • Transactions that Require Followup are now Starred transactions.
  • Attachments and activities are now merged into one list.

Thanks for your fantastic feedback provided into our service team over the years. I personally review most of them because I am still at the product design coal face so you should know that when you say something it not only gets viewed by service but by developers and even myself as the CEO.

Feedback about this Beta version is most welcome via I will keenly read and answer every email over the coming week. Our new design is highly flexible for our developers and so it can and will evolve into the final version to be released in December.

Thanks for your business!