Super Simple Pricing Plans

At Saasu every pricing plan has all features!

Competition killer



For sole traders
and startups


3 Bank feeds
1,000 Transactions p.a.
1 Single Touch Payroll staff
2 GB attachment storage

Most popular


$ 40  

For fast growing


5 Bank feeds
20,000 Transactions p.a.
20 Single Touch Payroll staff
5 GB attachment storage

Value for power


$ 70  

For businesses


10 Bank feeds
40,000 Transactions p.a.
40 Single Touch Payroll staff
10 GB attachment storage

Included features in all plans

Invoicing and Quotes
Expenses and Attachments
Single Touch Payroll & Superstream
Recurring Credit Card Billing *
Customer Invoice Portal
Reports & Statements
Cashflow Forecasts and Budgets
Inventory Items
Email Support

*Account required with either Stripe, PayPal, eWay or Braintree to use our built in connection to these payment gateways.

All prices and plans shown are per accounting file and are charged in Australian Dollars including GST. Terms apply.

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows or Mac operating system recommended.
Keep your computer up to date with security and operating system updates.

Computer Memory

Minimum 2GB of RAM.

Supported Browsers

Apple Safari (Mac)
Microsoft Edge (Win)
FireFox (Win and Mac)
Google Chrome (Mac and Win)


Average Saasu data usage per file monthly is about 0.5 Gb.
ADSL, NBN Fibre, NBN Skymuster or Mobile Wireless recommended.

Screen resolution

1024 x 768 and higher is preferred.

PDF Reader

Use your operating system’s inbuilt PDF viewer.

System Capacity

Our upper operating limits are:
25k Contacts
10k Inventory sku’s
100 Transaction line items
40 Employees per file.

Retiring Features

Features may deprecate if used by less than 5% of customers, trending to a new technology or better alternatives exist.

API Limits
  • Maximum 1 request p/sec
  • Sync activity use Last Modified and Max of 50 multiple tasks in a request.
  • API daily request limits are Small 4k, Medium 6k and Large 8k. X-Large 20k is upgrade only, not available for purchase.
  • When API daily limit exceeded access is blocked for 24 hours. Upgrade to unblock.

Plan FAQ’s

How does the online accounting FREE trial work?

For 30 days from the date you sign-up you can use any version of Saasu free of charge so you get the chance to try before you buy. If you’d like to switch to a different version of Saasu during your trial just contact our Service Team

My free trial has expired. Can I setup a new trial?

Contact the Service Team and they can organise an extension or re-opening of your online accounting trial.

Can I get a demonstration of Saasu?

Saasu online accounting is sold on self-assessed basis. The best way to do this is to sign up for the free 30 day trial of Saasu and watch our training videos.

Can I get an educational licence for Saasu?

Saasu offers 60 day educational licences. Contact for bulk licence package and student access information.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex and PayPal.

Does Saasu offer Direct Deposit or Direct Debit payment methods?

No we offer recurring credit card charges if you wish to be billed in a regular monthly way.

Can I downgrade my plan?

You can downgrade your Saasu file at any subscription renewal date, as long as your yearly transaction count and other usage variables are below the plan quota. If you downgrade after using features from a higher plan then you may only be able to read the data in reports, but not use those features interactively.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Make sure you export your data, have completed your Single Touch Payroll Finalisations at year end and have downloaded all your attachments.
Cancelling a subscription schedules you data for deletion.
How to delete your credit card payment method.
How to permanently delete your file.

Recurring Billing of Credit Cards

When checking out from a Saasu checkout screen we store your credit card details securely so we can bill you automatically each subscription period. Turn this option off if you would instead prefer to manually process a credit card payment each subscription period.

How does Saasu store your credit card details?

Saasu doesn’t store your card details, we simply encrypt them and pass them into a PCI complaint Payment Gateway who securely manages them. In Saasu’s case we use Mastercard as our Payment Gateway for all card types (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

How long do you hold my data after I leave?

We hold onto your online accounting data for a 90 day safety period after your subscription expires. After this it may deleted at any time. You should maintain an active paid subscription to access your data. You must export your data before your subscription expires if you no longer require the service. If you let your file expire and come back you will be charged the catchup period.

I don’t have time to export my data. What should I do?

Keep paying for your accounting file until you have time to export your data and until you have completed your year end including your Single Touch Payroll finalisations if you have employees. This also allows you some time to be sure leaving was the right decision and allows your advisors to finalise your accounts and tax before leaving Saasu. Here is a guide to exporting your data from Saasu.

What do you count as a transaction?

Online accounting transactions include a Sale, Purchase, Bank Transfer, Pay or Journal entry. Things like Accounts, Employees, Contacts, Timesheets, Activities, Opening Balances or Attachments are not counted towards your transaction limit.

How does the transaction limit work?

The yearly transaction limit is based on the total number of transactions dated in the last 365 days. This allows for seasonality in business and allows customers moving to us to enter historical data.

What am I paying for?

You pay for the number of files (legal entities) you need.
We don’t charge for each user or computer that accesses your files.
Payment is in advance monthly, quarterly or yearly.
We maintain, backup and update the server hardware and web application that your Saasu file runs on 365 days per year. You don’t just pay for the days or months that you happen to sign-in.

What if my accountant isn’t keen to use Saasu?

Accountants often recommend software they are familiar with and that supports their practise efficiency. This may not be the best one for you though. Saasu works with Accountants that understand this and tend to recommend the right product for the right business. We give them free support, training and certification to help them help you.

Where is my online accounting data stored?

In order to ensure that your data is secure, we have servers in two separate Sydney (Australia) locations supported by Rackspace and Amazon Web Services.

What happens if I let my file expire?

If you let your file expire, we keep maintaining it’s security, backing it up, upgrading it for 90 days. After which we may delete it. Due to these costs and the people and business supporting your file as part of our cost base you will need to pay the catch up period from your expiry date to the present to re-gain access to your data.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade, you need to sign-in to Saasu and navigate to My Saasu and then Manage Subscription. Click the ‘Upgrade’ option at the top of the page.

Why don’t you offer a charity discount?

We work hard to make Saasu as affordable as possible to all our customers, so we aren’t able to offer further discounting.

Why does Saasu charge for Test files?

Test files consume the same infrastructure and services as live files. Occasional testers should just pay for a file for a month and delete it when complete. If there is more complexity, update frequency and testing to be done because you are in a more sophisticated business model then we recommend paying for a permanent test file in your subscription.

Aren’t you required to hold our data for 5 or 7 years?

No because we are a software company. Our understanding is that Corporations and Tax Law place the responsibility of maintaining financial records on the business owners, directors and public officers. If that changes to be software companies in the future then Saasu will charge for storing that data for the period of time required by law.

Why don’t you offer a discount for one year anymore?

Saasu is moving to a monthly payments pricing method in the future. We will cease offering quarterly and annual plans in the future. Saasu is moving to a monthly payments pricing method in the future. We will cease offering quarterly and annual plans in the future.

How Secure is Saasu Online Accounting?

Saasu offers a bug bounty. We pay white hat hackers to test our security. We also do regular IT security reviews such as OWASP reconciliations of our systems and procedures. Saasu was awarded Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready (highest CloudTrust™ rating) – an enterprise level status even though we are for small business.

How often do you backup online accounting data?

We do automatic backups of everything you do in Saasu is done every 15 minutes. Then we backup again in another secure location. We use Rackspace data centres in Australia only.

Can I monitor users in my online accounting file?

Yes, Saasu has a security audit report so you can keep an eye on your users activity.