Export Attachments

The Export Attachments feature allows you to combine the files attached to your transactions, contacts, employees and activities into a single, ready to download ZIP file. This online accounting feature makes it easy to back up and move any important files you have stored in Saasu to your own storage places. Reduce the time spent manually downloading attachments one by one.

For security reasons, this feature is for administrators of your subscription. You can access the attachments export feature by logging in and navigating to View > Import and Export > Attachments from the main menu. Once you’re on the Attachments screen, you will be prompted to begin your export.

The export process that produces the ZIP file for download may take up to 24 hours to complete. Once the export process has finished, you will receive an email notification that your attachments are available for download. This download link will expire after 48 hours (from when the download becomes available). You will be unable to export your attachments again until after this 48 hour time window has elapsed.

Saasu also built this feature to help our customers get their data out of our online accounting system and cancel at any time. We don’t want you to feel locked in.

We hope you enjoy this helpful new feature.