Inbuilt ecommerce connectors

Recently OneSaas was bought out by Intuit and they decided to shut down integrations on 30th June 2021. We have had to drop everything and start working on this to assist customers as best we could at short notice.

The order we have been building inbuilt connections to ecommerce providers is purely democratic. Most used connections first. We have built two connections so far.

  • WooCommerce – internal testing next week.
  • Shopify – internal testing 2nd week of June.

We are confident we can get these live so you have time for your own testing before 30 June.

After that we have Bigcommerce, Magento and eBay. We are unlikely to be able to support more than this initially so any other services will need to be supported by 3rd party integrators from companies like Zapier, Pabbly Connect, zzBots and SyncSpider etc. We note that if you have specific needs like discounts on line items or other special situations then 3rd party integrations may not work for you.

Meeting a deadline of 30 June is unlikely for these. Obviously we will do our best but it’s unlikely.

We would recommend if it’s business critical to look at 3rd party integrators or temporarily rely on CSV imports for this. If you are in a business that can sustain some weeks of disconnection then you could choose to just wait for us. However, this is a business operational risk decision you would need to make for your specific circumstances.

I have asked the Founder of OneSaas for an extension and will update here if that is forthcoming.

Going forward we plan to spend more time on building connections as we believe it’s in our customers and Saasu’s best interest to reduce the risk and complexity of the ecommerce puzzle. We want to do more in one place, built into Saasu.