Payroll for Small Business

Everyone loves getting good value for money – and today we’ve made Saasu even better value for money for micro and small business owners.

Payroll has long been a part of Saasu, and with a comprehensive set of features for our Australian customers it is used by many of our small and medium sized customers. But freelancers, consultants, small trades and micro business customers in their early stages need payroll the same as any business with the payroll of 20, 40 or 100 employees. Unfortunately we offered more than what was required for the 1 person business.

Today that has changed – we now have a payroll solution for these micro business owners. We’ve enabled full payroll functionality for 1 employee on the Small plan.

Using the payroll functions for 1 staff member in Saasu will:

  • Save time when paying yourself or an employee
  • Make superannuation compliance easier
  • Easily accrue and track leave entitlements for things like holidays and sick leave

If you have a Small file on an Australian subscription and have been doing workarounds for pays, then now is the time for you to setup up to the Payroll functions in Saasu.

If you have been using a Medium plan for just for the payroll, and only have 1 employee setup, you are now able to downgrade to the Small plan. Remember though there are other differences between the Medium and Small plans and you’ll need to comply with all of the requirements to move from Medium to Small.