REST API Milestone And Updates

Riding the wave of API updates we have been releasing over the last few months, we now have end points available in the new API for Item Transfers, Item Adjustments, Journals, Activities and Deleted Entities. These new additions completed the migration of end points from the old API that have been missing in our new API so far.

Developers can now fully switch over to the new API from the old one to enjoy the added benefits.

We have also added the capability to build a Combo Item in the new Items API. This was a heavily requested feature by developers that was missing in the new API. You only need to specify the quantity you want to build via a POST request to Item/id/build, where the Id is the unique Id of the combo item to build.

We have also added support for retrieving details of attachments linked to an activity with the new Activities API. In a future release, we plan to introduce a set of new end points for the Attachments API that will allow developers to link attachments to Activities(via POST requests).

Deleted Entities end point will help developers to retrieve details of transactions, contacts and inventory items that have been removed from Saasu. This end point can be used by developers for validating data between Saasu and applications connected to Saasu to perform sync operations for a more accurate representation of data across all connected applications.

Our goal with the new API has always been to provide developers more flexibility and options for connecting to Saasu by adopting industry standards and improving on our old API functionality. Completion of adding all end points in the old API to the new one marks a significant milestone in our development road map. The old API has a deprecation date of 01/01/2018 and more details about the deprecation plan can be found here.

To view all the new end points that have been added to the new API please visit the Saasu API documentation.