Saasu API Updates

We’re currently working towards transitioning to our new API. This involves creating all of the old API end points in the new API to ensure a smooth transition for our users.

Previously, we had announced a deprecation date of 01/01/2017 for our old API. Due to shifting development priorities for new features and compliance, we’ll be extending this deprecation date to 01/01/2018, to ensure that the new API supports all of the end points from the old API before this date.

After the date of deprecation, the old API will be available for use for 6 months but will no longer be actively supported.

This is a long-term plan and we’ll ensure that enough time, communication and migration options are in place to assist this transition. Documentation for the new API can be found here. This documentation provides information on new authentication methods and all supported end points.

Please also note our recent updates on API throttling which ensure that our API is used efficiently and users are not unfairly affected by API calls outside of our fair play limits. You can find information about these updates here.

As always, feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team via email if you have any questions.