Saasu price increase

We have always tried our hardest to keep prices low. We haven’t had a price increase since 2015 and last year we actually reduced prices via increases in feature access on plan levels. We were happy many customers were able to take advantage of that during tough times and were able to downgrade to save money in many cases.

From the 22nd of November 2021 Saasu price increases will take effect to counter inflation in wages, tech infrastructure and services which are our primary cost base.

UPDATE: There is no pro-rata charge to make up the increase. The increased prices apply to your next renewal after 22nd November 2021. All renewals prior to that date are at the old price. For clarity if you have a subscription billing in-arrears or in-advanace both are billed at the new price after 22nd November 2021.

PlanNew Monthly Price
Prices in AUD and include GST. Annual prices are discounted by one month.

Federal Governments around the world have been printing incredible amounts of money to stimulate their economies (Quantitative easing) and this coupled with maintaining interest rates at record low levels is pushing inflation higher in a variety of areas. For us the pressure from labour shortages in the software industry has escalated due to the rush and thus demand to build out e-commerce and logistics systems. There are supply chain issues impacting computer hardware costs and the services related to maintaining our systems. These service providers to Saasu also see price pressures because they also depend on technical and software engineering labour.

While we disagree with this approach by Governments to create money and provide near-free borrowing in an economic sense, none of this is in our control. They are keen to inflate away their government debt crisis at the expense of all of us.

We are also seeing an increasing technical burden (and thus additional cost) in our business in key areas namely security, data feeds and demands related to ATO digital systems. Software developers receive no funding for this from the government. This increasing compliance requirement by the government requires more expensive infrastructure and talent. The increasing cost of complexity you might say. Increasing cybersecurity risks and requirements also add pressure.

Rather than just announce price changes and move on, we wanted to take the time to explain why there is an increase. You give us your business, we respect that, and you deserve an explanation of our situation. We don’t make mega profits, we run the business in a fairly cashflow neutral way. Our business runs a triple stakeholder model where we balance shareholders, employees and customers.

I will personally answer any questions, concerns or feedback directly. Just email me via

Thank you for your business.

Marc Lehmann,
CEO | Saasu