Saasu pricing plan changes

Recently Saasu received cashflow bonus payments from the government. We’re doing fine financially so we decided to look at Saasu’s pricing to see how we can give that value back to our customers that are using our online accounting software.

During wars, fires and floods, Aussies all through history have asked the question, What can I do to help my mates? Their sacrifices are much larger than ours today in all humility. We are seeing people and their businesses hurting everywhere so we decided to put those savings into improved pricing plans.

At the start of the crisis we provided free subscription time to help customers that called on us for help. Many are in highly impacted industries. That has slowed now that the federal and state governments are providing a variety of support options. If you are still caught out by the system in some way email me at

Online accounting plan changes

Effective from 1st August 2020

Inventory is now on all plans. This will mean some of you can downgrade if you are within the transaction limits to the Small plan from Medium.

Multi-currency is now on all plans. Maybe you are only on Medium plan for this feature specifically. You may be able to downgrade.

We have increased data storage allowance on the Medium Plan by 20%.

We have increased API limits on the Medium and Large Plans by 20-25%.

See our updated pricing page.

I want to thank the Australian Small businesses who use Saasu online accounting and I recognise this will be tough economic times for years ahead so for us this is just something we can do as we didn’t really deserve to get the funds (but appreciate it) because we are profitable and sustainable in our own right.

I will say we do run a very tight ship, we aren’t flamboyant and we did prepare fairly well for an overdue economic downturn. Covid accelerated this but our business had some resilience built into it last year when we hardened our business for an economic winter (which later proved to be a virus).

If everyone is to be upfront and get real about this situation – some of us simply got lucky being in industries not affected as much in the short term. It’s not all roses, we are and will lose customers longer term as transformation occurs in many areas of industry and markets. Many are suffering, we already see businesses winding up despite government support so we are acutely aware of what’s going on in the economy and sympathetic for our fellow Australian businesses going through the changes.

Wishing you all the best for your business but remember action is the goddess of good luck.

Marc Lehmann
CEO ~ Saasu