Single Touch Payroll v2

Saasu has been building STP v2 over the last 6 months and is currently in the testing phase. Release will occur before 1st March 2022 which is Saasu’s mandatory start date set by the ATO. If you need to make any changes to your payroll you will need to do so before this date. Most small business customers who use payroll in a simple way won’t be affected as the changes are in the reporting numbers we generate programatically from existing payroll data. In some cases you may need to change some settings and pay items you use. We will provide a guide that you can use in coming weeks.

What is STP v2?

In the 2019-20 Budget, the government announced that STP would be expanded to include additional information so they can provide information to multiple government agencies and facilitate the administration of the social security system.

If you have any specific questions feel free to ask via a service ticket.

If you are interested in more technical aspects of this change this ATO page is quite helpful. You will see changes in Saasu where we reference new codes and such that are referenced in this guide.