Accounting Advice

Saasu service team are available to you for software technical support as part of your subscription fees.

We can show you how to use screens, lists, reports and other features. We may guide you toward the help documentation or provide general guidance as to where to find things and how to do things that relate to your query.

We don’t provide accounting advice, troubleshooting services or education on how to do bookkeeping or accounting tasks.

For example, we can’t advise you as to which account code, pay item or other accounting category to use specifically for your business when entering transactions. We also can’t help you create an Salary Package setup, troubleshoot reconciliations or assist with an ETP for a departing employees.

The above examples may have tax and legal implications and are accounting and bookkeeping tasks. So any suggestion via service responses or in our online help documents it is intended to be General and Educational in nature only because we don’t have specific knowledge of your business and we aren’t your Taxation, Accounting or Bookkeeping advisors.

We ask that you check with your accounting and bookkeeping advisors before taking any action basis information provided to you to ensure any approach to an accounting issue meets your specific business and compliance needs.

The main reasons we only provide software technical support are:

  • Accounting advice is for the accounting and bookkeeping practitioners who are licensed to provide this service.
  • The price point of our product doesn’t allow for accounting services.
  • Regulatory requirements for giving advice in accounting and tax require Tax and/or BAS Agent licences.
  • Our insurance is for software and product coverage.
  • Multiple agencies expect compliance to the above (including the ATO) as a Software Developer.