Direct Feeds – St George Bank

St George Bank provides direct feeds for a range of transaction and credit card accounts. To connect to a St George Bank direct feed you will need to complete a signed authority form by following the steps below.

  1. From the Main menu in Saasu go to Automate > Bank Feeds at (a)
  2. Select the Bank Account you wish to connect at (b)
  3. Just to the right of the Bank account list click Connect Feed and pick Connect to Bank feed at (c)
  4. In the field that says Please search for your bank type St George
  5. Select the Bank account type (either Transaction Direct or Credit Card Direct). If this isn’t your account type you may still need to use the other choices in the list which is provided by Yodlee our trusted 3rd party data provider.
  6. Download the PDF for, fill it in, sign it and send/email it to Saasu for processing. Allow 5-10 business days for connection to begin.

Does old data come in for a new file?

No old data comes in via the direct bank feed once connected. It starts coming in the day after the direct feed connection is completed.

Does old data come in if it’s already in my file from Yodlee?

It is possible to have a small overlap of data. Since the data feeds are two totally separate data feeds there is a small potential for duplicates in the change over period but a very small number, if any.