Direct Feeds – Westpac (Australia)

You can automatically feed transaction data from your Westpac Deposit and Transaction accounts into Saasu. You can activate direct bank feeds from within Westpac’s online banking by following the steps below.

Note: Westpac Credit Cards and Corporate accounts aren’t available by Direct Feeds

Connecting a Direct Feed

  1. Setup a Bank Account in Saasu to connect this feed if it doesn’t already exist.
    Ensure that the BSB and Account Number are correct on the Edit Bank – no spaces or dashes should be used.
  2. Login to your Westpac Live internet banking
  3. Go to the Services & Preferences menu and select Services
  4. Click Bank Feeds in the Account Services section
  5. Select the bank account you are setting up the bank feed for in the From account menu
  6. Select SAASU as your third-party service provider
  7. Enter your Saasu “Organisation ID” – this is the number FileID, which can found next to your filename in Manage Subscription area of Saasu (Ensure you use your File ID and not Subscription ID)
  8. Enter your Saasu user name email address that you use to access Saasu (must have full access to bank feeds)
  9. Click the Connect Feed button

How long will it take to see transactions?

Once Saasu receives a valid direct feed request from Westpac and completes the connection you should see transactions coming through on the direct feed within 24 hours. If you don’t see transactions or the connection with 24-48 hours just contact the Service Team.

Already have an indirect feed via Yodlee?

If you already have a Yodlee connection for your Westpac transaction account, you will still connect through the process above. Please ensure that the bank account you want to be connected for your direct feed has the correct BSB and Account number on the Edit Bank Account page in Saasu (ensure no spaces or dashes are used).

Upon receiving the direct feed connection for your account from Westpac, we will handle the disconnection of the Yodlee feed and connect the account to the Westpac direct feed. This should mean that the transition between the indirect and direct feed is seamless. However, if you have not entered the BSB and account number details within the Edit Bank Account page in Saasu for your bank account prior to initiating this connection, a new bank account will be created within your Saasu file with the correct BSB and account number details, where the direct feed will be connected. In this situation, you have to disconnect the Yodlee feed manually and inactivate the previous bank account that you were using.

Does old data come in for a new file?

No old data comes in via the direct bank feed once connected. It starts coming in the day after the direct feed connection is completed.

Does old data come in if it’s already in my file from Yodlee?

It is possible to have a small overlap of data. Since the data feeds are two totally separate data feeds there is a small potential for duplicates in the change over period but a very small number, if any.