OFX Integration

Saasu and OFX have integrated to bring you a new way of paying foreign currency invoices.

The integration allows Saasu users to have their foreign currency invoices in Saasu appear seamlessly on the OFX secure payments platform, ready for payment with just a few clicks. Once the exchange rate is secured the payment details are automatically posted back to Saasu making reconciliation simple.

How to integrate the two accounts

In order to take advantage of this connection, you will need to sign up with OFX. There are two ways you can sign up:

  1. Go directly to this link to sign up
  2. After you have saved a purchase invoice in Saasu, click on the ‘Pay with OFX’ option:

Input Invoices and Pay with OFX

Link your Saasu account with OFX

Retrieve, Quote and Transfer

Real-Time Synchronisation

Note: you will need to register with OFX, and have the account activated before you can access the integration and transfer money. You can register either as an Individual or Business.


What happens in Saasu?

  • An open purchase invoice is created
  • The same invoice will also exist in OFX once ‘Pay with OFX’ is selected
  • Once paid in OFX, the same invoice will be updated with payment information in Saasu

What happens in OFX?

  • Register with OFX first
  • The Saasu invoice, once ‘Pay with OFX’ is selected, will appear in the OFX online platform
  • You can then quote and review your payment options and available exchange rates

How Do Clients Pay OFX?

Clients can transfer funds to OFX via:

  • Direct Debit (for approved clients)
  • BPAY
  • Internet bank transfer
  • Cash is not accepted

Full details on BPAY and bank accounts are available in the ‘Our Accounts Details’ section once logged into OFX’s website.

Which countries is this service currently available to?

It is currently available in Australia and New Zealand, with a view to extend to other countries.

What is the OFX registration process?

Registering with OFX is a simple and quick process. There is no obligation or cost to register. Simply click on ‘Pay with OFX’ in Saasu and follow the steps.

Saasu users will need to register with OFX so the account is activated before accessing the integration to transfer money. Registration can be made either as an Individual or Business.

What happens after I register with OFX?

You register once with OFX, and the connection to Saasu will be established once your account is activated. Then every time you click on ‘Pay with OFX’ in your Saasu invoice, simply login to your OFX account. You won’t need to register again.

What are the International Transfer Times?

The length of time it takes for client funds to reach their beneficiary’s bank account depends on both the country the Saasu user is sending from and the beneficiary’s country. OFX can advise as to timeframes Click Here

What are the requirements for a transaction?

  • Min. transfer amount AUD $250
  • Each transfer > AUD $10,000 fee FREE
  • Each transfer < AUD $10,000 – A$15 fee

Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding this?

If you are in Australia, you can contact the following OFX representatives:

  • 1300 300 524 (Corporate clients)
  • 1300 300 424 (Private clients)
  • International: +61 2 8667 9090
  • support@OFX.com.au