Pay Item Summary

The Pay Item Summary report displays information by employee for particular Pay Items. Pay Items are the components that make up a persons pay. Things such as tax, take home pay, health benefits, pension amounts, union payments etc. Pay Items are usually of type :

Wages & SalariesGenerally the core wage components. For example, hourly pay, overtime or commissions. Generally taxable but seek your own advise for your specific circumstances.
DeductionsUnion fees or charity deductions made from the employees bankable pay. These may be deductible or non-deductible for tax calculation purposes depending on your specific circumstances.
Tax WithheldTax components calculated or added manually based on taxable pay items for the period.
Employer ContributionsPensions, Superannuation and others as you specifically add them for your circumstances.
EntitlementsAnnual Holiday Leave, Personal Sick Leave and other employee entitlements as per your legal and/or contracted requirements.

What can you do with the Pay Item Summary report

A common use is to establish how much Superannuation or Pension money is due to be paid for a period of employment.