Recurring Purchases or Expenses

Do you find yourself keep entering the same transactions manually on a regular basis? You can have Saasu automate this function for you. Creating a Recurring Purchase is easy.


  • You make monthly lease payments on a PC, vehicle, or other fixed asset.
  • You make regular loan repayments on an investment property.
  • Your business needs to order a certain amount of stock every month from a supplier.
  • You pay a fixed hosting fee for your website each month from you personal Visa card.
  • You depreciate assets or accrue costs each month.

Your Recurring Purchase will be created between 6AM – 10AM on the scheduled date, depending on your timezone.

  1. Sign into Saasu and from the main menu select Automate > Recurring Purchases.
  2. Click on the Add link from while you’re in the Recurring Purchase List screen.
  3. Start filling in the Purchase transaction just as you would normally. See the help note about Purchases transactions.
  4. Set the Next Creation Date to be the date from when the Saasu web finance engine should start creating this transaction from.
  5. Choose No End Date if you wish Purchases to be created automatically on an ongoing basis otherwise change this drop down list to End By and enter the end date in the field that becomes available.
  6. Enter the frequency and also on what basis it occurs:
    • Days – Enter the Day immediately to the left of the drop down list
    • Weeks – Select the day of the week this is to occur from the drop down list immediately below.
    • Months – Select either the 1st radio button and the day/date of the month from the drop down list or the 2nd radio button and the position of the weekday each month
  7. Set the Payment method – Checking the check box will mean that a payment is applied to the Purchase using your Default Bank Account with the Payment date being the same as the recurring Purchase issue date. Otherwise leave unchecked if you wish to manually apply payments as they come in or are cleared through your bank.
  8. Set the Email method – Checking the check box will result in Saasu generating a PDF email that is sent when the Purchase is created to the email address as specified in the Contact Details screen for the recipient.

Recurring Purchases are used to automatically create Purchase transactions on a regular basis. They are ideal for periodical Purchases that you make. There are many uses for Recurring Purchases and the more transactions you can automate then the less accounting work you need to do manually.

Note: You can create Recurring Sales in the same currency as your base file only.

Recurring Purchases List

This screen displays a list of Recurring Purchases that have been setup and applied to a specific Contact or a Contact Group. When you setup a Recurring Purchase Saasu will automatically generate predefined Sale transactions at regular intervals until you delete or change it.

  1. Use the Show recurring drop down to choose whether you want to review (a) Orders & Purchases, (b) Orders or (c) Purchases for a specific Contact or Contact Group. You can also narrow down the list by specifying a Tag.
  2. Click the Show button to run the list report now that you have set your filters.


Add – Add a new Recurring Purchase.
Delete – tick the check box adjacent to the Recurring Purchases(s) you would like to delete and then click the delete option at the top of the list.