Tax Code Report

The Tax Code Report gives you the information about the Amounts of Tax for a given date range for each Tax Code you use in your Business File.

Period – Filters the report for data inclusive of the months or days that you choose. Note that the Accounting Method will also impact this. If you report GST on a bi-monthly basis select the Custom option and set the date range to be for example. 01/03/12 to 30/04/12

Accounting Method – Cash Accounting – Based on Payment Date NOT Transaction Date

Accruals Accounting – Based on Transaction Date NOT Payment Date

Contact Country – A filter that allows you to run reports based on where your suppliers and customers trade from. Saasu uses the Country you enter in the Contact Add/Edit screen Address area for this report. For New Zealand leave this set to all countries.

Transaction type – You may only be interested in one aspect of your business. You can choose the transaction type you would like to run the report for or leave it set to –All–

Include orders with payments applied – You may or may not treat deposits as income when received. Due to legal differences between how deposits are treated in different businesses situations deposits may be accounted for in different ways.

Show summary instead of contact – Sometimes you don’t track transactions by Contact and summary information may be more useful information in your reports.

Group by country – Lets you group the transaction by tax code into Countries.