User Sign in Audit Trail

This report gives you a list of access points and times for users in the file you are currently in.

What kind of Audit Trails are in Saasu?

Saasu has audit trails in all critical areas of accounting in the online accounting application. Only the User Sign in Audit Trail is available to customers at present.

When I delete a transaction what records do you keep?

Deleted transactions are completely removed except for audit trail data which includes; Transaction date, Contact, Summary, Posting(s) to the General Ledger, Created by (user), Last modified by (user). This information isn’t available from the reports area but is retained by us for security reasons.

There is a transaction missing, duplicated or changed in my file. Can Saasu review the audit trail for me?

Saasu doesn’t review customer audit trails as part of our service offered. In nearly every case through our long history when data is missing from a file it is because an individual or add-on has edited or deleted the data. To ensure you don’t lose data it is important that the file Administrator locks your file up to the last reconciliation date -or- accounting period end date (Cog Icon > Settings > Transaction section).