System Requirements

Supported Browsers

Mozilla FireFox – Mac, PC and Linux
Microsoft Edge – PC
Apple Safari – Mac
Google Chrome – Mac and PC

Internet Connection

ADSL, Broadband, or Mobile Wireless. If sharing your internet allow for added bandwidth. The average Saasu data usage per file monthly is about 0.5 Gigabytes.

System Capacity

Our upper operating limits. See also Plan limits.

  • Contacts – 50,000
  • Inventory items – 25,000
  • Transaction line items – 100
  • Payroll employees – 50

API Fair Play Limits

Fair Play limits and efficient requests keep our API free.
Here are our Requests Per Day Limits
Small 4,000
Medium 4,000
Large 6,000
X-Large* 16,000
Enterprise* 32,000
* These plans are no-longer available to purchase or upgrade to.

General API rules

  • Maximum of 1 request per second
  • Sync activity uses Last Modified
  • Maximum of 50 multiple tasks in a request
  • If the API daily limit is exceeded then the API will remain blocked for 24 hours from the limit being breached

Blocked requests

API speed limit systems stop API use for the file for the rest of the day when your API quota is used up. Upgrade your plan to unblock.

Computer Hardware

Operating System

Keep your computer up to date with security patches and the latest version of your operating system.

Computer Memory

Minimum 2GB of RAM (more for heavy users or if other software is actively being used in parallel).

Screen resolution

1024 x 768 and higher is preferred.

Old features not Supported

We build for the greater good ensuring Saasu works on what 90% of what our market is using. Support will deprecate where a technology is:

  1. used by <5% of our customers
  2. trending to a newer technology
  3. better alternatives exist

Barcode Scanners

You could use a USB barcode reader plugged into your PC with Saasu. For low traffic retail situations this enables you to generate Item Invoices without needing Point of Sale software. See setting up a barcode scanner.

PDF Creators/Writers

We recommend using your operating system’s inbuilt PDF viewer.