Bank Feeds

Your bank and credit card transaction data can be downloaded into Saasu securely and automatically. You then easily create transactions from this data and/or you can reconcile these transactions against existing transactions in Saasu.

Bank Feeds will only connect to bank accounts in the same currency as your base file currency. Lets say you have a file in USD, you can only form connections to bank accounts in USD currency, and not EUR currency.

Saasu uses three methods to collect data from your financial institutions.

Direct Feeds

Saasu connects directly with banking systems. The bank authority form that you sign and return to us allows us collect your transaction data from the bank from that time onwards. More…


Data Broker Feeds (not Direct Feeds) through Yodlee

Saasu connect with Data Brokers. We currently use Yodlee who are the biggest bank data feed provider in the world supporting thousands of banks. Saasu supports connections on the platform for the top 10 banks in USA, Canada, UK and Australia. More…


API Feeds

Saasu collects data from 3d parties via an Application Programming Interface (API). It’s a reliable, free, fast and secure way to collect data. Banks are slowly starting to adopt to this new best practise but to date has been dominated by disruptive companies like PayPal. More…