NOTE: Saasu has comprehensive Australian payroll for micro to small businesses. It’s designed for and manages companies with up to 50 active employees.

You can process pays in two ways in Saasu. By creating an individual Payroll entry or process lots of pays inside a Pay Run. The later also has an approval process for strict payroll control.

Individual Payroll transactions

Good if you only have 1-2 employees or want to do the pays manually.

  1. Setup employees details: View / Employees / Add (link)
  2. Setup Superannuation details: Settings for this file (Pay items) and Employee Default details
  3. Create a payroll transaction: Add / Payroll

Group Pay Runs

If you have a number of employees and want to automate the payroll process. These steps are after you’ve already setup the employees and superannuation.

  1. Set up first Pay Run: View > Pay Run > Add (link)
  2. Processing a pay run: View > Employees